Sewfree® Ecosystem

The revolution of the design and construction of garments and softgoods

Sewfree® Ecosystem

Sewfree bonding is revolutionizing the design and construction of garments and softgoods. It’s an integrated system of high-performance products, process, machinery, and services. Our ecosystem allows us to partner with you and guide you from inspiration to execution.

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The Future of Design

Sewfree bonding is changing the face of manufacturing across a broad spectrum of industries, transforming what we make and how we make it. It’s improving factory efficiencies. It’s letting designers and developers rethink how they even approach their craft. With benefits not available from a needle and thread or old-fashioned adhesives, it establishes a whole different set of rules and a world of capabilities. For creations that are lighter. Sleeker. More durable. And a whole lot more attractive. It’s the natural next step in the evolution of apparel, soft goods and much, much more.

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Better Products Better Planet

Our Environmental Health and Sustainability Program integrates the principles of environmental consciousness and sustainability into all functional areas of Bemis. Internally, we have developed initiatives to manage our energy use in the most efficient way possible and to reduce the environmental impact of our building operation, material consumption and disposal. We invest in the protection and enhancement of our surrounding community. And we prioritize the life-balance, health and well-being of our employees, as it is intimately linked to the success of our company and the products we make for yours. Wherever possible, we certify Sewfree adhesive films through bluesignTM and Oeko-Tex. At every step we work to eliminate harmful substances from the manufacturing process, reduce our carbon footprint, and minimize waste. We’re part of an elite group of certified raw material and component suppliers committed to following the most stringent, environmentally-friendly standards without compromising functionality or quality. As part of our ongoing social responsibility, we require permanent screening in both our supply chain and our manufactured products. Not only do we want to help make products better, we want to help make the planet better too.

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The Lab

If you’re considering a Sewfree application for a project, we’ll run it through a range of tests to make sure it performs exactly as you need for your garment or softgood. We can test its compatibility with your fabrics. See how it performs with adhesives. Let’s find out how viable the design is before moving forward. Our process is pretty straightforward. You submit your fabric sample along with an official technical request. We’ll troubleshoot, report on the findings and make any appropriate recommendations for your project.

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The Bridge From Process to Execution

Our application services team is here to help give you a deep understanding of adhesive applications and simplify the process of integrating Sewfree into your designs. We research, develop and teach assembly techniques and create documents that break down specific procedures. We can make product, process, machine and material recommendations for both the design and construction phase and we even create construction samples to help bring your ideas to life. Our team is available for on-site training and tech pack reviews and will even help troubleshoot at your factory. We now have over 4,000 square feet of testing facilities in Hong Kong with state-of-the-art bonding machinery. Our space is your space, and we make it available to customers for teaching, training and inspirational open houses.

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The Right Machines

We know that the key component in any successful project is a smooth and cost-effective manufacturing process. While many factories are becoming experts at bonding, there are many more that are just starting to realize the amazing benefits of bonded construction. That’s why we help advise the factories on proper machinery and consult on technical details. We have close relationships with many machine manufacturers. Once we collectively identify what applications are needed and the best options for machinery, we can connect the suppliers and the factories. Machines can range from a heat press or tacking iron to ultrasonic bonding and laser cutting. There are even testing machines and presses used in other industries that can be used in bonded construction.

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Bonding is Better

Sewfree bonds are up to 6% lighter than traditional sewn seams. They can reduce overall seam weight up to 30% when dry. And Sewfree will absorb 50- 60% less of its original weight when wet.
Rigorous lab and field testing have proven Sewfree bonds are as strong or stronger than sewn seams. When tested on a tensile machine, the fabric gives before Sewfree does.
Sewfree bonds are up to 40% less restrictive than sewn seams and offer excellent stretch and recovery. That means more freedom of movement, more comfort and fewer distractions.
Hydrostatic testing shows Sewfree improves water resistance. Because it’s bonded there are no stitch holes for water to seep into. It keeps your customers drier. And happier. BREATHABLE Breathability is maintained when bonding fabric with Flowfree™.

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Knowledge is Power

Sewfree is a big story. It’s a game-changing ecosystem 
for apparel and softgoods. To fully embrace cut and bond construction, it’s imperative that everyone on your team has an understanding and comfort level with its properties and possibilities. And is fully capable to relay that story to the end consumer. In the spring and fall we showcase ways to use Sewfree in established stitching applications. At our trade shows, we meet with existing and new customers and offer design reviews, answer questions, and help overcome any obstacles. We host design labs for hands-on product interaction. We’ve created countless how-to videos, technical bulletins and a slew of consumer-centric marketing materials. We even take our show on the road and visit key customers to review new lines and explore blue-sky thinking. Think of it as an ecosystem within the ecosystem. Everything you need to be fully supported every step of the way.

Sewfree® Products

Sewfree bonding is the next generation of cut and sew. It's a complete ecosystem of high-performance products, process, machinery and services that’s revolutionizing the design and construction of garments and soft goods.

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There’s never been an adhesive like Nylock. We’ve gone thinner and lighter so you no longer have to choose between performance and look. Now you can get the fabric and technology you want with one solution. There are no tradeoffs. No compromises. Just new limitless possibilities.

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Flowfree™ Family

Flowfree™ technology features engineered perforations that promote and enhance breathability. It doesn’t retain moisture like traditional elastics and meshes. It was specifically created to help athletes achieve more speed, mobility and power with far fewer distractions. Now athletes can stay cool and comfortable no matter how much they sweat. Available in four different formulas to customize performance: Flowfree Base, Flowfree Pro, Flowfree Advanced and Flowfree Terra.

Base - Entry level performance enhancement film, low temp activation

Pro - Better recovery, soft hand feel, low modulus

Advanced - Best stretch & recovery, low temp activation, 3 engineered formulas

Terra - Engineered for natural fibers, doesn't block natural breathability of fabric, good stretch & recovery

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High Recovery

High Recovery Tape replaces elastics and bulky sewn seams in performancewear and intimate wear. It allows for optimum stretch and recovery while maintaining the sleek, smooth profile of a Sewfree bonded seam or hem.

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Seam Reinforcement Tape

Seam Reinforcement Tape strengthens seams without compromising the flexibility, feel or weight of your garments. In combination with bonded seams, it can keep garments lighter than sewing.

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Reflective Stretch

Reflective Stretch Films are designed to enhance visibility on performancewear, outerwear and lifestyle apparel. These films allow designers to create durable, high-quality reflective design elements without sewing. They’re lightweight and offer superior stretch and recovery to match today's performancewear fabrics.

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Outtec can be used in a variety of ways. They’re lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant and can be cut into shapes and patterns as decorative elements. When slit into tape widths, they can be used over seams to increase water resistance and overlap seams to eliminate edge fraying. These films are activated at low temperatures for fast processing and can be used on a lot of difficult-to-adhere fabrics. Their versatility makes them perfect to add eye-catching detail to any type of consumer electronics case, cover or apparel.

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Terratec is functionally the same as outtec, with additional visual appeal. They are available in a range of color and pattern combinations and add dimension and originality to any concept.

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Smooth Stretch

Smooth Stretch is a unique bonding film with a flocked surface. Smooth Stretch is designed specifically for technical outerwear, athletic performancewear and intimates. It works great as a liner to improve comfort and prevents chafing in neck, chin, and cuff areas. It’s a versatile fabric that can be adapted easily to designs, laser cut for logos, and provide unique design elements. The stretch and recovery benefits enable easy integration into sports bras, panties, leggings, base layers and yoga apparel.

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VividEdge creates a modified version of a conventional overlap seam using a colored Sewfree adhesive film. A specific width of the film is left exposed beyond the seam on the face side of the garment, providing decoration and bonding at the same time. VividEdge also helps to eliminate frayed edges and enhances water resistance.

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Insulated Bonding

Insulated Bonding creates lightweight, insulated seams on tightly-woven, low-denier fabrics. These specifically-engineered films work well on ultra-light polyester and nylon materials and provide excellent low-profile insulation on traditionally difficult-to-bond fabrics.

Seam Tape

Leaky seams are no kind of fun. And even the most waterproof fabrics will leak through stitched seams if not sealed properly. Bemis Seam Tapes assure the integrity of your most weather-worthy gear from head to toe. It can be applied by using any of the commercially available hot air taping, laser or ultrasonic machinery.

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Waterproof Integrity

Seam tape is the critical link in the chain of waterproof protection. When you want to keep a sewn garment watertight, use Bemis Seam Tape to cover up those needle holes. When a garment leaks, customers don’t care if it’s from the fabric or the seam. All they know is they’re getting wet and something failed. Our range of products will provide the ideal solution to keep who or what’s inside dry.

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Ultra Seam Tape allows you to maintain the airiest of aspirations for your designs, but still won’t let the rain sneak in. Ultra works on the most delicate fabrics to the lightest waterproof shells.

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For most rain gear basics you can rely on Lightweight Seam Tape to lock out moisture. Your concepts will weather the storm from drizzle to downpour on shoes, clothes and equipment. Check out our new, re-imagined lightweight seam tape, LWT900.

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Activity Seam Tape is the go-to for heavier-duty uses. It holds up to the weight of thicker fabrics and conditions, providing a reliable, durable, flexible seal. Precipitation, schmrecipitation.

About PF Bonding

Since 2017, PF Bonding has been Bemis representative in Portugal. Bemis is a recognized brand for developing adhesive films and ribbons for reinforcement / waterproofing seams, specifically for bonding textiles. We aim to establish a strategy of proximity with our partners through a close monitoring of their needs, with fast deliveries.
For this we keep in stock the most used references, being possible to provide them with the requested widths according to the need. In addition to the aforementioned products, we also have decorative articles for clothing, with specific technical characteristics for work clothes, fashion and sportswear.

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